Is Your Sales Team Ready for Real-time Sales Coaching? Find Out by Answering These Six Questions.

You’re likely already using at least one form of AI in sales and the value proposition is clear: to help reps prioritize time and resources more effectively to ultimately improve sales performance. If that’s the expected outcome, why are reps consistently missing quota?

A.I. used today is falling short at directly generating more revenue because it isn’t being used during the most important part of the sales process - live sales meetings. During sales meetings reps build relationships, uncover needs and challenges, and present solutions that ultimately lead to winning deals. These conversations are a critical piece of the sales process, but right now unless managers join the meeting to help, reps struggle to keep the conversation on track, remember key points they want to make, or respond effectively to objections and questions from prospects.

It’s great that you have adopted a call recording system and even better that A.I. provides you advanced insights to direct coaching and skill development. But it’s time to go beyond call recording, because let’s be honest, the coaching provided in the comments of the recording or in the post mortem deal review sessions is falling flat. While coaching is critical, this type of coaching doesn’t change behavior because reps struggle to incorporate the feedback into their next call.

OverQuota is AI-based guided selling, our software guides reps with real-time insights before, during, and after their sales meetings. Instead of documenting new talk tracks in shared word docs that never get adopted or sending a slack to a rep during a live call, OverQuota eloquently guides reps with your unique sales process based on the context of conversation. Real-time insights include questions reps should ask to better qualify or to go deeper into discovery. Talk tracks are also available for reps to use to overcome common objections or to address questions about competitors.

Sounds great, right? It is, but to get the greatest value from a solution like this, you must have the proper sales process foundation. Answer these six questions to see if your team is ready:

  1. Does your sales team follow a certain sales methodology?
  2. Have you documented specific qualification or discovery questions?
  3. Do you know 2-3 common objections that reps mishandle?
  4. Have you documented talking points to use when speaking about competitors?
  5. Could you list out common product questions reps should respond to in a specific way?
  6. Is your CRM set up to receive deal details used in forecasting pipeline?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely in a strong position to leverage AI-based guided selling software. If you’re not quite ready, check out a number of these resources to begin documenting sales best practices for reps to follow.