Go Beyond Call Recording

Do you remember when you first started recording your sales meetings? For me, it was around 2015. When recording solutions first emerged there was reluctance from reps and prospects to be recorded. However, the ability to listen back and see conversation stats quickly solidified call recording in the techstack. Today, we would be hard pressed to find an inside sales team not recording their meetings. Over the years recording solutions established a new category called Conversation Intelligence.

Up to this point, software has recorded the conversation, processed the data, and served up valuable insights after the fact. Sales teams have used these insights in a variety of ways to either increase productivity or performance. In theory, conversational intelligence has a strong value prop. But until now, in practice it’s been hard to realize the value beyond just a recorded conversation and receiving some neat analytics.

As we approach nearly a decade of recording sales meetings, OverQuota is taking a bold step and innovating into the next iteration of conversation intelligence. In a written description it is subtle, but applied, it’s real-time.  

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We like to say, don’t just record sales conversations, guide them with AI.

Real-time conversation intelligence means analyzing and understanding conversation data as it happens, not just recording it. The goal isn’t to process the data faster for after the fact analysis, but to use the data to guide sales reps with real-time information on what to say and do to win deals. This includes serving up questions, talk-tracks, and selling action items during live meetings with buyers.

OverQuota uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to transcribe, analyze, and extract insights from conversations as they happen. Our solution guides sales reps with context-based recommendations during live calls based on their unique sales process and best practices. You can leave your call recorder on if you like, but here are just four of many reasons why you need real-time guidance.

Ask Better Questions

Sales reps who ask better questions uncover challenges worth solving, align meaningful solutions, and ultimately progress deals over the finish line. Instead of documenting your list of discovery questions in a shared word document, put them in OverQuota and serve them up to reps during live sales meetings.

Overcome Objections

Sales reps run into a lot of different situations , which if handled poorly can quickly derail a deal. Whether it be common objections, competitor challenges, or product questions, reps who use the right talk tracks successfully navigate these situations. By creating prompts in OverQuota, reps get the talking points delivered right when they need them during the live sales meeting.

Keep Meetings Engaging

Look, no hands! Normally reps are either multitasking during the meeting to take notes or spending significant time afterwards listening to the recording for important details. OverQuota will auto-capture and summarize the meeting notes so reps don’t have to. Hands-free note-taking boosts productivity and improves the buyer’s experience while reps focus on the conversation at hand.

Improve Pipeline Visibility and Forecast

Getting deal details and notes into CRM has been a challenge for longer than anyone reading this can remember. In fact, there are now entire software companies built to solve this sole challenge. OverQuota eliminates the need to manually fill out details all together, whether it be in CRM or another friendlier UI overlay. It’s time to get the actual details in CRM and improve pipeline visibility and forecasting.

While call recording has been widely adopted by sales teams for nearly a decade, the ability to guide reps during the conversation is the next level of conversational intelligence. Sales teams that use OverQuota can improve productivity and performance, resulting in a qualified pipeline, accurate forecasting, and winning more deals.