• Enablement Resources

    Explainer videos, templates, and guides to help you unlock your full potential as an Account Executive.

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    Qualify With MEDDICC

    Qualification is a critical step that technically precedes discovery, but quickly blends into it. It requires asking the right questions, and occasionally, those questions can be uncomfortable. Follow this MEDDICC question guide to thoroughly qualify and determine need and fit.

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    Discovery Checklist

    Discovery is the most important conversation, but yet most reps go in unprepared and fail to uncover challenges worth solving, miss the value message, or forget to set next steps. This checklist helps reps run a prescriptive 30-minute discovery meeting and will build a pipeline of actionable deals.

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    Conversational Demo Template

     A software demo must be interactive. Use this simple template to build your unique demo plan. Then use the template during your demo's to engage your buyer in the process, and as a result, easily connect features to value.

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    Featured Workbook

    An interactive workbook with step-by-step guidance to build an effective cold call script. The workbook comes with video lessons, a complete formula, and tangible examples you can use. After reviewing the lessons and materials, you will have your own cold call script to find success on the phones.

  • Improve Your Outbound Prospecting

    While prospecting fundamentals are the same, there are new tactics you can implement today to generate more qualified pipeline.


    Watch the overview video and then grab the workbook to get started.

    3 Steps to Write Better Prospecting Email

    Stop writing prospecting emails that land in the mental spam filter.


    Watch the explainer video and use the Prospecting Email Blueprint to implement a simple and effective way to write prospecting emails.

    3 Mistakes That Ruin a Sales Meeting

    The first five minutes can make or break a discovery call or demo and these are the three mistakes reps make over and over again standing in the way of success.



    3 Reasons Your Cold Calls Aren't Working

    Cold calling is the most effective prospecting channel there is, in fact, it's twice as effect as email.


    If you disagree, it's likely because you're making these three mistakes.

    How to Build a Cold Call Script That Works

    This video guides you step-by-step (with examples) through building an effective cold call framework in under 7 minutes. 


    If you access and use this information, it will change the trajectory of your sales career.

    Avoid These 5 Demo Mistakes

    These are the top five mistakes Account Executives make while delivering a demo.


    Eliminate these and instantly improve your demo and keep deals on track.

    Master These 5 Sales Characteristics

    These are the top 5 characteristics of successful sales professionals. In the video, we unpack what they are and how to embody them.


    Internalize these and watch your successful sales career unfold.

    5 Steps to Overcome Any Sales Objection

    Not being able to overcome objections is killing your deals and minimizing your success in sales.


    Use this easy five step process to overcome any objection and win more deals.