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    Years of combined experience in B2B sales and building advanced technology.

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    Alex Tsimbalistov

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    Ross Van Wyk

  • About Us

    Starting out in sales, like you, I had little experience but the drive to be great. In a professional development process that took place over several years, I learned core fundamentals of sales to consistently over achieve quota. Finding success in sales changed my life and now we're on a mission to help you do the same. - Ross Van Wyk, Co-founder & CEO


    There are hundreds of sales tools claiming to either improve performance or to free up more selling time by eliminating manual work. So, why build another one?


    Well, because even with hundreds of options, reps still struggle to hit quota. We believe it's because the current solutions are not supporting sales reps when it matters most, during the live conversations. It's during the conversations where reps uncover problems worth solving in discovery, present solutions with a tailored demo, build a business plan to gain buy-in, provide a proposal, and ultimatley as for the business. These are tough conversations that make or break a deal, and most sales teams do not prepare reps well enough to navigate them.


    Our team draws on extensive experience in developing advanced technology for the Fortune 500 and implementing and using various sales software. These collective experiences have helped us identify the gaps in the market and to build the an AI-based coaching software that delivers the guidance in real-time. Throughout the ideation and development process we've leaned on invaluable feedback from countless sales professionals to build the right solution. OverQuota's intuitive design and carefully selected features guide sales reps with context-based recommendations during live calls based on their unique sales process and best practices.

  • Innovators, Contributors, and Early Adopters

    While it's not necessarily how the proverb goes, it does take a village to build great software. We continue to lean on the generosity of the innovators and early adopters to elevate and shape product development.


    Thank you for your time and input, you've been essential in helping more reps achieve quota!

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