• Templates Overview

    Watch this short video to get started using templates.

  • A Step-by-Step Guide

    Follow these steps to start using Templates

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    Step 1. Add a Template

    OverQuota currently offers sign in with Google. This functionality will provide easy access to OverQuota and enable you to see all your scheduled sales meetings in OverQuota.

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    Step 2. Title and Content

    Provide your template a title. Use a title that aligns to when the template should be used, for example, Discovery Meeting. Then, add the content to the template.

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    Step 3. Add Questions

    Adding questions to your template is one of the most important pieces of funcationality in OverQuota. This feature helps the sales rep ask the right questions during sales meetings to uncover challenges and develop opportunities. It also informs the OverQuota AI as to the important information to capture that is specific to your unique sales process.

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