• OverQuota Live Overview

    OverQuota Live brings the meeting plan with best practices and completed pre-meeting preparation into the Zoom experience. Following a proven sales process has never been more easy!

  • A Step-by-Step Guide

    Follow these steps to start using OverQuota Live

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    Step 1. Start Meeting

    From the meetings tab, select "Start Meeting" to launch the scheduled Zoom meeting with OverQuota Live.

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    Step 2. Open Zoom

    After selecting "Start Meeting", the system will automatically open Zoom. You must select "Open Zoom.us" to start the meeting.

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    Step 3. Allow OverQuota to Open Meeting

    Afer opening Zoom, allow OverQuota to open in a meeting.

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    Step 4. Allow Livestream

    Federal and local laws require that participants provide consent to being on Livestream (recording). This is an important step to remain in compliance with recording laws.

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    Step 5. Follow the Meeting Plan

    Once live, OverQuota will bring the meeting plan into the Zoom meeting along the righthand side of the screen. This is only visible to the OverQuota user and not other participants.

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    Step 6. Ask Questions

    OverQuota is processing the conversation data in real-time, meaning, when a question asked is detected, it will turn the question green on the meeting plan.

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    Step 7. Leverage Prompts

    When OverQuota detects a topic related to the pre-configured prompts, the system will serve up the insights in real-time. After using the information on the prompt, the user can exit out.

  • Zoom Application

    OverQuota leverages a Zoom application to deliver OverQuota Live. While you will lose the OverQuota Live functionality, if you choose, follow these steps to uninstall the Zoom application.

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    Step 1. Access Your Zoom Apps

    Open your Zoom application and select Apps from the navigation at the top. Then, click into MyApps to view the Zoom applications you have installed. You will find OverQuota.AI listed here. Click the blue Manage to begin removing the application.

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    Step 2. Manage the App

    With the Manage section you will find the ability to remove the application. Select Remove to complete the removal process.

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    Step 3. Remove Zoom Integration

    Within the OverQuota web application, under settings, the integration with Zoom can be removed. This will eliminate any shared permissions between OverQuota and Zoom and completed the removal process.

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