Meetings Overview

    Using OverQuota pulls all scheduled sales meetings into one centralized place. This streamlines preparation and makes following the proven sales process easy.

  • A Step-by-Step Guide

    Follow these steps to start streamlining meeting preparation.

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    Step 1. Use Red / Green Notifications

    The red / green notifications indicate which meetings have been prepared for and which have not.

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    Step 2. Select a Template

    Once the meeting has been selected, begin preparation by using the most relevant meeting template to create a meeting place. If a template is not available, use the builder to create a meeting plan from scratch.

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    Step 3. Customize the Meeting Plan

    All meetings will not be the same which is why the meeting plan is completely customizable. Add additional questions, talk tracks, or pre-meeting research to best prepare.

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    Step 4. Mark As Done

    Once the meeting plan is complete, scroll down to the bottom and mark it as done. This will turn the red indicator green.

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