• Account Executives are underperforming & losing deals

    Enablement software used today is manual and reactive which results in low productivity and poor sales performance.

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    Account Executives spend just 24% of their time actively selling and 57% miss quota.

    • Reps are off message with outdated call plan templates, they miss important talk tracks and forget to ask critical discovery questions.   
    • Listening to call recordings to uncover coaching moments is reactive, the damage is done and the deal is already lost. 
    • Too much time is spent on painstaking admin work which takes valuable time away from selling. 
  • Enablement software with AI powers automation to boost productivity and performance

    OverQuota powers automation to increase productivity and provides real-time guidance to improve sales execution.

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      Enable reps to show up to every sales call prepared.

      • Integrate with calendar and CRM to see upcoming calls and details.

      • Serve up templates for reps to prepare for calls.

      • Provide best practices aligned to a unique sales process.

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      Leverage AI to guide reps on calls with what to say and do.

      • Call plans guide reps to ask the right discovery questions.
      • Talk tracks provide unique insights to elevate the conversation.
      • Real-time prompts help handle objections to keep the deal on track.
      • In call action items provide reminders to establish next steps.
      • Natural language processing automatically logs important notes. 
      • AI matches notes to the call plan and surfaces post call action items.
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      Get details in CRM to improve pipeline visibility and forecast.

      • Reps review autogenerated notes post call.
      • Access call recording for full context to add any additional details.
      • Save call notes to CRM in 1-click
    • Ready to achieve OverQuota? Let's schedule a demo.

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