• Your Unfair Advantage to Winning Competitive Deals

    This isn't another knowledge base, dust off those battle cards, because we're going to put them to use.  

  • The Entire Team Ready to Win Competitive Deals Within 60 Minutes... Seriously.

    An AI Co-Pilot for Zoom Meetings

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    Get an Account

    Creating an OverQuota AI account that's fully integrated to Zoom, Salesforce, and your Calendar takes 60 seconds and requires four clicks.

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    Create Your Battle Cards

    Copy and paste your existing competitive talk tracks or create them from scratch, either way, it's simple. We're ready and waiting to help too.

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    Invite the Team

    Send a signup link to the sales team, after they onboard in less than 60 seconds, they'll have an AI Co-Pilot on their next sales call providing competitive talk tracks and deal winning insights.