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    No B.S. Sales Tactics From Top Performers.

    While you carry your own bag to the top of the leaderboard, sales is still best played as a team sport.


    On the OverQuota Show we sit down with top peforming Account Executivtes to learn the latest and greatest tactics they use to win deals.


    What to expect:

    • 15 minute episodes: Long enough to learn something actionable, but short enough so you're back to closing deals.
    • No fluff: We get past the generic advice and dive into examples to pull out things you can takeaway.
  • Are you a top performer? Great. We'd like to feature your top sales tactic and give you a really cool OverQuota hat.


    Schedule a time to record

    Use this link or view the calenar at the bottom of this page to find a time to record your episode.


    Join to record

    It's easy. Show up to our scheduled time ready to part some knowledge. We'll record the episode in about 20-30 minutes.


    Recieve an OverQuota hat and social shoutout.

    We'll drop the episode and you'll receive an OverQuota hat in the mail.

  • Schedule a time to record.

    We record on Friday and Saturday.